Minnesota ?

»-(¯`v´¯)-»?Daisy? asked:

The band tokio hotel is playing a concert in St Paul,MN at Myth on Auguest 16 2008.

I dont live in Minnesota so i am not fimilar with the place they are playing in. On their youtube page they just announced that they are having a mini summer tour in auguest in america.

But they didnt say when OR where you could buy the tickets?

What is Myth ? Can people get in under 21 if its for a concert? It says its a night club so i dont know.

Does anyone know how i can find out where i can buy these tickets?

and here is the link for where i think they are going to be playing-

Is that the right place where they are going to be playing at?

any help would be greatly appreciated! =]

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Minnesota Vikings VS. AZ cardinals help meeting players?

Shaymus F asked:

ok so im in Phoenix to see the viks and cards play… Im staying at the hotel like 100 yards from the staduim… the workers here arnt allowed to tell me if the viks are staying here so i ask u if ne one has n idea were to meet them what floor, loby etc. or were the best place in University Of Phoenix stadium to meet the players… and last thing is who do YOU think is going to win and WHY!!! thank you
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Taking a Trip to see the Minnesota Vikings.Please Help?

steph_the_chef asked:

Ok, So I’m planing a trip for my husband and I to go to a game. He’s a huge fan and unfortunately we live in Florida. I have never been and I don’t know where to start. I am on a budget, and I was thinking a preseason game would be best because it won’t be cold yet(again, we live in FL and i can’t take the winter). So here’s where i need help!

1) Any good/clean hotels in an area conveinent to the metrodome? The price range is up to $130 a night
2) I heard that you should not drive there but take public transport. Is that true? If so, whats a suggested area for us to stay in where we will be conveinent to other stuff, ie. shopping, restaurants, sights, night life?
3)How far is the airport to the metrodome?
4) What else is worth seeing while we are there? We will probably be there for about 4 days. We don’t travel often, So I’d like to do as much as possible in this trip.
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Thanks in advanced for your help!

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I am looking for weekend office cleaning jobs in minnesota?

Brittany O asked:

My boyfriend and I have been pretty presssed for money recently, so were looking for something to get us some extra money. We both work fulltime monday through friday, so were looking for weekend positions. I heard about people who clean offices on the weekends, sometimes even travel for a whole weekend and clean multiple businesses. If anyone know of any positions or where i could find some, please help. Ive checked on google and career builder, but i just keep getting postings like for housekeepers in hotels and thats not what were looking for. We just need weekend positions that we could go to together to clean offices, we live in roseville MN. Thanks!
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tokio hotel?

love_Jrock_Tokiohotel asked:

Is there gonna be a VIP thingy to meet and greet tokio hotel in Minnesota or anything close like that? Can we like buy VIP ( if offer it)……well…do we get to meet them?

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Anyone from Minnesota?

»-(¯`v´¯)-»♥Daisy♥ asked:

There is a great band Tokio Hotel, they are coming to America to do a summer tour. They are coming to St. Paul, at a venue called Myth.

It’s for all ages and tickets are only $25.

They are a really good band and put on a great show.

Is anyone else going to this event???

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Which St. Paul,MN hotel would you choose? Based on surrounding neighborhood, quietness, view, things to do?

cdaraghy asked:

I have a choice of a few hotels when I go to St.Paul (I cannot stay in Minneapolis, it’s too far for medical reasons and what I need to do). I am aware the ‘fun’ stuff and contemporary things are in Mnpls, and I will bus over there when I want to/can, but if you had to stay in St. Paul in the NW corner, which hotel would you choose. If you live in the area I’d appreciate it! I need to be there 10-14 days.

Choices are:

City Center Hotel St. Paul
411 Minnesota St. 55101

Embassy Suites
175 10th St E 55101

Holiday Inn rivercentre
175 W 7TH ST 55102

Saint Paul Hotel
350 Market St 55102
nice location, across from park

St. Paul Bld Exec suites
6 5th St W 55102

Radisson Riverfront
11 Kellogg Blvd. E 55101

Radisson Inn St. Paul
411 Minnesota St. 55101

four points sheraton st.paul capitol
400 Hamline Ave. North 55104

Crowne Plaza
11 East Kellogg Blvd.

Best Western Kelly Inn
161 Saint Anthony Ave. 55103

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Where to travel for Vacation (California, Vegas, or Minnesota?)?

Monica asked:

We want to take a vacation in March (I know, we’re planning ahead because we need to get time off requests in at work) and we can’t figure out where to go. Money IS of concern. Here are our options -
We live in Phoenix. We can save money on airfare by taking a road trip to Las Vegas and/or San Diego, but we’re not sure what to do there? We’re not gamblers, and I know there are lots of shows in Las Vegas, but I would imagine they’re all expensive? Also, is there anything to do in San Diego besides sit on the beach?

Another option is to drive straight up to the Sacramento area and stay with family to save money on hotel costs. Then we could travel to San Francisco and spend more on hotels and other activities, but again, what is there to do?

Lastly, we can go to Minnesota where we also have family. We’ll have to spend money on airfare obviously, but will be able to stay with family for free. But again, what to do in Minnesota in March?

Anyone who’s ever traveled these areas have any advice?

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What do u know about minnesota?

miisosmexi asked:

the state… anything features webs, hotels, places to play at…

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finding a hotel?

Joe E asked:

im looking for a hotel in duluth minnesota.I have looked on the net and i found a hotel for 2 days for $120.If someone knows cheaper prices.Im looking for 2 days and possible a pool. And it gots to be under $80 a day.And it gots to be in Duluth Minnesota.Or within 20 miles.We need a bedroom with 2 beds. If you got any more questions my e-mail adress is big_guy_number_14@yahoo.com.

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where to stay at in california?

mandy s asked:

i have a friend from minnesota coming to california to visit me in rancho cucamonga and he is wondering where not expensive hotels are at and what the price ranges cost? Also if he is 18 can he rent a car out here to drive him self around or is there a certain age. any ideas on what he should do let me know that be great.. thanks…

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Do you have to stay at a hotel if your going to a 3 day anime convention?

Gretta asked:

I might be going to the 3 day Minnesota anime convention, and i was wondering if i have to stay at the hotel they mentioned on the website, or can i just drive there everyday instead? This would be my first anime convention and i’m really excited! so thank you!

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Airport in Minnesota. Some one who help’s me?

MONICA asked:

How is the best way to go to the airport to hotel..?? is expensive a cup ?

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тøkiøHoтǝlBαbǝ asked:

What should i where to a TOKIO HOTEL concert in MINNESOTA???????

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